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Imi plac bomboanele raw pentru ca satisfac pofta de dulce intr-un mod sanatos si se fac si foarte usor: va trebuie doar un robot de bucatarie si chef de joaca pentru modelat bilute :) Azi am facut trufe raw cu fistic si apa de trandafiri. O combinatie exotica de-li-cioa-sa! :)

Ingrediente (18 trufe):

Daca folositi niste curmale care vi se par prea tari, le puteti rehidrata putin inainte. Introducem in robotul de bucatarie primele 4 ingrediente si procesam biiine de tot pana obtinem o compozitie lipicioasa.

Modelam bilute pe care le tavalim prin carob. Le pastram in frigider si cand avem pofta de ceva bun dam iama :) Pofta mare!


I love raw truffles because they cure that sugar craving a in healthy way and they’re so easy to make: all you need is a food processor and to be in the mood for molding balls :) Today I made raw pistachio and rose water truffles. An exotic and delicious combination! :)

Ingredients (18 truffles):

  • 200g pitted dates
  • 125g raw pistachio (without in shells)
  • 50g desiccated coconut
  • 2 tbsp rose water
  • carob for coating :)

If you’re using some dates that are pretty hard, re hydrate them a little before. Place the first 4 ingredients in the food processor and blitz until smooth and sticky. Form small balls and roll them in carob powder. Store in the freezer and enjoy every time you need a sweet treat :)

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