Cand sunteti in criza de timp, dar nu vreti sa dati iama in fast-food, Super-Pasta to the rescue! :))
Simplu, rapid, bun si, daca alegeti cu grija tipul de paste, sanatos.

Ingrediente (2 portii)

  • 150g de paste integrale  (eu am folosit unele din orez brun)
  • 100g rosii uscate in ulei de masline
  • 1 lg samburi de pin
  • 75g masline verzi
  • 2 ardei copti taiati bucatele
  • busuioc proaspat tocat

This is the hard part :) Fierbem pastele conform instructiunilor si le amestecam apoi cu restul ingredientelor. Feel free sa adaugati si o mana de verdeata deasupra, busuiocul merge perfect, dar si patrunjelul e ok :)  Pofta mare!


When you are running out of time but don’t want to hit the Fast Food, Super-Pasta to the rescue! :)) Simple, fast, tasty and, if you carefully pick your ingredients, healthy.

Ingredients (2 servings):

  • 150 g wholegrain pasta (I used brown rice pasta)
  • 100g sun dried tomatoes in olive oil
  • 1 tbsp pine nuts
  • 75 g green olives
  • 2 roasted bell peppers, chopped
  • freshly chopped basil

This is the hard part :) Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package and mix them with the rest of the ingredients. Feel free to add a handful of fresh herbs on top, basil is perfect, but parsley works fine as well. Enjoy!

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